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THE AMNION: an exhibition by Ilya Volume

13 September 2019

On 18 September at 7 pm we invite you to the exhibition «The AMNION» of Ilya Volume.

Made up of elements, representing various genres and techniques, this exhibition has been built around the two key figures: (1) the connection between the embryo and the amnion and (2) the decision field with perpendicular axes of similarity/ dissimilarity and unity/ multiplicity.

The first figure – the situation of the embryo of the superior vertebrate – is unfolded as a model in order to explore the subject of body, its limits, and milieus. The situation is scaled in the range from personal shelters and war engines to social and planetary substances; it is varied in its structure from the polyphony of consciousness in an integrated physical shell or a set of works in the context of a personal exhibition to, vice a versa, a common concept or a message, inhabiting the endless line of non-identical objects-incarnations; within these variations, the first figure is conjugated with the second one, containing both the seeming identicality of black tablets, the multi-image screen, and the problematic abstract diptych, as well as some kind of a granulated synthesis of arrows into the impenetrable pattern of the indicator.

OP — Operator, P — Pilot

OP: alright, so you’re ready to do this?

alright, how it’s gonna work: you just gonna breathe normally, stay relaxed, whenever you’re

ready you’re gonna pull back on that stick, okay?

P: okay

OP: keep your head back, stare at the light..

you alright? you okay? you doing alright?

P: wow, yeah..

OP: how you feeling?

P: i feel like i was in some sort of fistfight..

OP: haha, yeah, it looked like that, haha. did you win?

P: i don’t know..

“It does not equate the opposites, but reinforces the distance between them as something that is coordinating them with each other in the capacity of different terms. It is not limited by controversial terms — quite the contrary, it is open and, like a sack full of arguments, it disperses them as an abundance of singularities (which it has been holding within itself with an effort), some of which it has been planning to exclude, others to hold onto; however, now all of them have become points-signs, and, notably, now they are all reinforced by their distance from each other. Being inclusive, the disjunction is not limited by its terms, quite the contrary, it lifts the limitations. ‘At that time I was no longer that closed box, where I had been forced to preserve myself so thoroughly, but the partition fell down’ […]”

Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia.

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Studio of the Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin Duration: 19.09 – 21.09.2019