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Rogue Bears: an exhibition by Pavel Solovyov at the workshop of the Foundation

26 August 2019

On 2 September at 7 pm we invite you to the exhibition « Rogue Bears» of Pavel Solovyov.

Pavel Solovyov hails from the world of advertising and fashion: identification, branding, slogans, advertising poster images — these are the things he builds on or arrives at in his contemplations.

The artist often embarks on the path of appropriation, mythogenesis, working with readymade and collages — part and parcel of modern media and communication. This is how we are building our identity in the digital world, this is how we are communicating in it. The narrativity of his works is also non-linear and collage-like, it resembles the culture of graffiti and sticker bombing, as well as dialogues in messengers, where users exchange emotional sticker pictures, and also tattoo culture. In these fields the eviscerated or, vice a versa, the ideologically overcharged images overlap and replace one another, shout loudly, but sound indistinctly or lose their sounding altogether.

The artist intentionally destroys images and messages, damages them, paints them over, washes them away, uses only black and white colors. This is both aesthetic self-limitation and an attempt to try on the optics of a newborn, who does not distinguish colors and is incapable of focusing on anything.

… “Rogue bears are the bears, which do not fall into a deep sleep, but instead roam the winter forest. We surf the Web, observing how messages lose their sense in the media flow, where any private tragedy is neutralized and turned into content: the source of pleasure, of marginal psychological condition, of funny and eerie things. If we are lucky, we may also become ‘rogue bears’ in the new digital world: memes – the elements of anti-censorship, legitimization of political incorrectness in the time of total automated censorship. Truth is a meaningless crime, the restricted area of media space, the closed identity of successfulness, which we, subversive metaphysical deadbeats, guard. The way we guard it is similar to the way we used to guard the paths to the otherworldly and death”.

Media partner: ArtTube

Studio of the Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin Duration: 3.09 – 5.09.2019