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16 May 2020

19 May at 6 pm Anastasya Kizilova and Ivan Gorshkov will be waiting for you on the air – on the show Good Evening, Mr. Orwell!
The COVID-19 crisis has suspended planetary mundanity in the state of an unfinished moment. For Ivan Gorshkov this moment became the point of transition from a lonely artist to an artist, plugging into industrial capacities. Thus, just before the COVID-19 pause, Gorshkov launched the preparatory process for the new exhibition season, inviting three assistants to the big new workshop. However, the machine of artistic production cannot function without the machine of cultural events, putting the resulting products to good use. In the evening episode of Good Evening, Mr. Orwell! Ivan Gorshkov will introduce the audience to this suspended stop motion situation through a ludic musical-revelation. We will find ourselves experiencing the zero gravity of a bunker-workshop barely reached by a Wi-Fi signal…

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Complete information about the project.

Ivan Gorshkov was born in 1986 in Voronezh into a family of an artist and a musician.
As a child he was very much into drawing and inventing things.
At the age of 3 he started organizing potato exhibitions.
In 2005 he met his future colleagues and firmly set foot on the path of contemporary art.
In 2008 he worked in H.L.A.M, the first Voronezh gallery of contemporary art.
Since 2010 he has worked extensively with metal and has made a name for himself as a sculptor.
In 2013 he got interested in fountains and started making them on a regular basis.
Since 2015 he has started organizing schools and accepting students.
He got interested in conducting shows.
2017 — artist of the year COSMOSCOW 2017.
2018 — he gets a new workshop and an assistant.
In 2019 his large museum exhibition takes place in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.