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Alexander Zaitsev “The 27th Prize Place”

8 August 2022

18.08.2022 / 19.00

A retrospective exhibition of Alexander Zaitsev is opening at the RSLYA, which includes works from the “Form of the Mass” and “Urban Landscape” series from 2018 to the present.

The author creates a total pictorial installation, combining his works with the architecture of the exhibition space, turning the place of exposition into an independent statement.

“In the exhibition space of the RSLYA, my attention was immediately drawn to the grids on the ceiling – these endlessly repeating squares of a certain size. I decided to transfer the ceiling pattern to the walls, creating a graphic grid that will connect my work and the showroom into a coherent, inseparable story.”

Alexander Zaitsev graduated from the Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering with a degree in Environmental Design in 2011. Representative of a new generation of artists of the Samara Wave. Has been making art since 2008. The main mediums for Alexander are painting and graphics, where the objects of the image are the phenomena of the virtual environment (errors, failures and repetitions).

The exhibition was organized with the participation of the SPHERE Foundation of Contemporary Art

The exhibition will run until 23 September.