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Exhibition “please don’t tell anyone that’s the way I live”

21 March 2022

This phrase, borrowed from a meme, has become the context for reflection. This world, slightly opening to the audience, is the world of something hidden from the public eye, some sort of staring into the inner space of the artists. We conceived this exhibition as early as at the end of the last year. However, the ironic and sad homage, influenced by current events happening in the world today, has grown into something bigger.
Join us to hug one another, to keep silent, and to talk about important things.

Participants: Lana Morozova, Vika Ros, Shura Kostikova, Lena Bezhenova, Zina Borisova, Pasha Rogatov

The opening is on 22 March at 7 pm at 2nd Krasnoselsky Lane, 2 (The Rodchenko Art School (Moscow))

Exhibition dates: 22 – 27 March 2022

With the support of SPHERE Contemporary Art Foundation.