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Projects: Observations and Illusions

The date of the: 14.02.2023-19.02.2023

Place: Rodchenko School

The organizers: Rodchenko School

Sponsor: SPHERE Contemporary Art Foundation

About the Exhibition:

Illusions – multiple intrusions into reality, fastidiously trickling into our “now and then” from unsteady dimensions – exert their overwhelming influence and make people behave in a certain way. Good or bad behavior, right and false paths could be chosen and even slyly combined. It is of paramount importance to discern the right sign, to refrain from looking at other people’s happiness and from following examples.

Reality, destiny, illusion, and haze turn out to be equally important and act together. The creative task to observe is combined with a special task not to look, not to keep track, not to follow (this task is given by art itself). What is hidden in the deepest, unsearched wilderness may be left as is, without emphasizing things, without measuring them, and without calculating the position of every detail of the magical world.
And that means we should watch from afar.


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