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The solo exhibition by Elena Minaeva on kvARTirnik #3

22 January 2019

The solo exhibition by Elena Minaeva (paintings and video) opened at kvARTirnik #3 on January 20. The exhibition featured abstract art from her series ‘She turned to face me,’ ‘Turned into a pond where things float in darkness,’ diptych ‘Light falls only here and here,’ and dual-channel video ‘Waves.’  Titles of most pieces are quotes from Virginia Woolf’s texts.

‘I think that no one could peer into twilight, pauses, spaces quite like her, thus unveiling magical ‘moments of existence.’ As I was working on the currently exhibited pieces, I was interested in the art’s way of unveiling things between the event and its image, between the event and the memory of it, the mark it has left. I wanted to peer into, to listen closely to this in the hope of seeing some essential manifestation of reality. As I was creating the exhibited pieces, it was as if I was peering into the twilight for a long time.’ (Elena Minaeva)

The opening featured the experimental concert by Andrey Guryanov and Grisha Mumrikov.

The exhibition was supported by the Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin Foundation, and ArtTube