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The exhibition by Andrey Syaylev ‘Beyond the limit of involvement’

12 December 2018

We will be happy to see you on December 21 at 7 pm at the exhibition by Andrey Syaylev ‘Beyond the limit of involvement’ at the studio of the Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin Foundation.

Prototype of a structure is a basis for the brand-new exhibition by Andrey Syaylev. Key visual metaphor for the majority of works is brickwork. Bricks undergo all types of transformations: they are deformed, broken into simple forms, they spill into shapeless piles, get repeated in mirrors, transform into books and displays of electronic devices, finally, form new architectural constructions exposing their facets to fragmented images of buildings and other structures…

For the artist, brick is some sort of an elemental, prime ‘form of forms’ that through creative dissection helps determine basic vision matrix. The artist calls it ‘structure of subjective involvement.’ He encourages the audience to try and go beyond its limits, meaning that this journey is linked to the realization that different processes, emotions and feelings we experience have their own shell, thus being one of these ‘bricks’ or some sort of ‘containers’ that form sensory experience of the world through interconnection.