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Exhibition “YouTube walk with me. Though YouTube”

10 December 2018

Dates: from 12.12.2018 to 15.12.2018
Opening: December 12, 7 pm
Exhibition: YouTube walk with me. Though YouTube
Artist: Daria Makarova. 2nd-year student at the studio of interactive, communication and mixed media
In her creative practice Daria explores multiple topics, such as identity, ecology, mental disorders in transmedia, and marginality of the human and objectival. Key media are video, installations, found objects and sound.

The exhibition is located at the 2nd floor of the school and is a total installation with multiple media, such as generative video, sound and poetry. The work is bursting with issues of mental deviations, surveillance, loss of identity and externally forced involvement.
‘Personal – is it when it is me or when it seems to me like it’s me? Then who’s in front of me in the mirror? Though YouTube embodies the experience of meeting yourself. If only once. Yet is ‘for the first time’ always unique?
Fragmented reality remains so only in actuality, while we have on our shoulders both atmospheric pressure and continuous involvement with processes that dismiss all things human.
Placing it against the modern neoliberal society, the artist does not resort to the extremes of using an activist’s form of statement. Pulling us out of the ubiquitous role play, the constructed environment labels the same spot in space and time we all exist in, thus making us experience our selfness as a glitch in the code of subject-object introspection.
Is there a place for autonomous formation or are we all forcibly interwoven with the unifying historical and political context?
Does epiphany happens inside me or to me?

Programmer: Ilya Belyaev
Text: Artur Repin
In association with/supported by: The Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin Foundation
Technical support: Optoma Russia and CIS
Venue: Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia
Moscow, Vtoroy Krasnoselsky Lane (Pereulok) 2