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Exhibition Saw u, the outcome of the residency of Vika Begalskaya and Alexander Vilkin

21 November 2019

26 November at 7 pm
we are pleased to invite you to the exhibition Saw u, the outcome of the residency of Vika Begalskaya and Alexander Vilkin.

The artists continue dealing with the duality of the image itself and painting as a whole. Dreamy, romantic landscapes suddenly appear to be locations for some bizarre rituals. The surface of a canvas in its digestive prostration swallows figures, mixing them with each other and dissolving them in itself. The tenderness of tints turns into the fatigue of colors, the decorative turns into the disintegrating, and sensory images turn into an agonic mirage.

The exhibition is based on the split up symmetry. Two spaces, which are trying to gather in one system, the body, which has lost its orientation, leaving its parts in various bags, but preserving the memory of this loss. What is this – an attempt to collect the sawed or just a reflection, seen in the mirror? The metamorphoses of the figurative space are unpredictable, and the outcome of an event largely depends on the reception and interpretation of the audience.

Begalskaya and Vilkin have been working together since 2014. During this period they have had more than 7 personal exhibitions, both in Russia and abroad. They founded Theresa creative union and as members of this group they were nominated for the 2015 Innovation Award. In 2017 their production titled Aphrodite’s Belt was presented in M_UKHA. The artists live and work in Moscow

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Studio of the Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin Duration: 27.11 – 29.11.2019