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The date of the: ..-12.01.2020

Place: Victoria Art Gallery

Curator: Anastasia Albokrinova

Sponsor: Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin

About the Exhibition:

This exhibition project turns to the new genre of post-digital art, to the subject of the post-digital materiality and tactility of digital phenomena.

How usual have the windows, folders, and desktops on computer screens become for us?

Do we perceive our own possibilities, extended by the functionally of programs and applications, as natural?   How closely has our life been integrated with digital mediators? And how has the digital aesthetics influenced our perceptions of norm, style, and, in a broader sense, the “eidos” of objects – the shell of abstract phenomena, having no analogues in the material world?

The exhibition is focused on our relations with digital world and on the organics of our existence in the form of virtual bodies and relations – there, in the world of the binary code; it is also focused on the opportunity to transfer, realize, and visualize digital reality – here, in the 3D world.

Post-digital art deals with the documentation of abstract and fluid processes of digital world: it searches through digital world for images and phenomena and finds a place for them in the world of man.  This process may result in the destruction and solidification of digital entities or in a new aesthetic and communicative quality and, as a result, a new body.

The exhibition will display works, in which artists search for the forms of materialization of digital objects, enter in creative cooperation with algorithms and artificial intelligence, reflect on the subject of uniqueness and reproductibility of the realities of digital world, and invent the means of communication with artworks – it will even be possible to hug some of them.

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Ivan Gorshkov (Voronezh); Ludmila Kalinichenko (Ekaterinburg); Mikhail Mikhailov, Igor Samolet (Moscow); Alexander Zaitsev, Vladimir Logutov, Andrey Syailev (Samara-Moscow); Mikhail Gorelov, Maxim Shabalin (Samara); Gerasim Gerasimov (Togliatti)