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following Slava Nesterov’s and Ivan Tuzov’s residency

8 March 2019

We will be delighted to see you on January 23 at 7 pm at the exhibition following Slava Nesterov’s and Ivan Tuzov’s residency at the studio of the Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin Foundation.

Slava Nesterov works with patterns. Repetitions. Rhymes. He uses mass produced materials and objects to create installations. His graphic art series is about information literally defining the form, shaping the subject and deforming it.

‘Pattern, repetition, repetition, form, deformation, repetition. Saw on the street; saw in the light of streetlamps shadows from the bottom of my coat. It multiplied, blurred. Became unrecognizable. There’s four of it, it is geometrical. Chairs stand, tilt. Deformation. Repetition. Instability. Fall. Non-fall. I wait but nothing happens. See the sun reflected off a Plexiglas sheet and onto the pavement.  Wind sways the Plexiglas. Light comes alive. There is a lot of it. Deformation. And there are many of you – you are different. You are the same. Repetition. De-formation. In-formation. Line, rhyme. Repetition, refrain. Childhood. Nursery school. There are square tables in the nursery school. My nose is bleeding, I don’t clean it. Walk around the table, bowing my head. Try casting drops so that they fall at regular intervals. Repetition. Square. Blot. Line. Guattari. Emptiness. Jameson. Emptiness. Repetition. Deformation. Existence. Existence.’ (Slava Nesterov)

In his graphic art series-experiments Ivan Tuzov is primarily interested in technique and time, he uses several approaches in drawing: 1. Drawing with several pencils simultaneously (drawing with pencils tied together enables to create identical lines; drawing with freely moving pencils that may seem chaotic, but is driven by hand movements). 2. Painting with a brush (painting with a brush enables to create the mark that also follows hand movements, yet the mark is left by every single hair of the brush consolidated by paint into a blot). 3. First few principles enable to create art in the environment that is comfortable for the brain, it is more challenging to create art doing two things at once, using both hands, and this third principle combines the previous two.

‘What is the difference between my techniques and other media? Documentary photos and videos create an image instantly as a whole, there is no gradual addition of elements for composition, time corresponds to the image. In the meantime, drawing is very similar to meditation continuing over time, the artist constantly looking for necessary techniques, actions to complete the piece. In my project I wonder: can any technique accelerate this process without going outside traditional drawing/painting by hand? Why do I ask this question? Because being handmade and continuing over time are what concern me the most in all these media.’ (Ivan Tuzov)