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Projects: Layering on

The date of the: 13.01.2022-23.01.2022

Place: Rodchenko School

The organizers: Rodchenko School

Sponsor: SPHERE Contemporary Art Foundation, ArtTube

About the Exhibition:

The exhibition is dedicated to the interaction of assemblage with other contemporary artistic techniques. The main focus is on the relationship with photography, a medium that allows you to build a dialogue accurately with the texture of reality. Photography and assemblage provide different types of artistic distance and, accordingly, do not convey all information about the world, they conceal part of it. The similarities and reflections of the surrounding events in the photograph are not equal to the real experience of perception of each of us. The exhibition aims to recreate texture from photography, reconstruct a photographic image and increase its documentary value.

The exhibition also includes works made as part of the photographic elective of project photography.

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Veronika Pachina, Slava Zamyslov, Ekaterina Yanova, Maria Smirnova, Khitry Mitriy, Ivan Netkachev, Alexander Bedin