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Projects: Hexagram 49

Participated in the exhibition:

The date of the: 16.12.2020-..

Place: The Rodchenko Art School

Curator: Sergey Bratkov

The organizers: The Rodchenko Art School

Sponsor: Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin

About the Exhibition:

The exhibition of students of Sergei Bratkov’s workshop “Hexagram 49”.

«This is the time when the snake sheds its skin when radical changes renew the whole host of things. Get rid of the old. Eliminate the useless to clear the way for the new. Destroy what has deteriorated or fallen into decay. Act decisively and confidently: the spirits favor you. Let go of past strife and painful memories. Feel refreshed every day that comes, your doubts and sorrows will disappear. This is the time when Heaven and Earth renew each other, and people fulfill heavenly plans If you are full of truth until the last day, then there will be an initial accomplishment, endurance is favorable remorse will disappear»
I Ching. Chinese Book of Changes. The most ancient art of predicting the future.

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Anna Afonina, Tatiana Chernomordova, Alina Izmailova, Pavel Polshchikov, Ilya Martynov, Olya Andreeva, Varvara Kuleshova, Sasha Moroz, Lilia Filina, Ivan Zubarev, Katerina Beloglazova, Maresiy Ivaschenko, Zulfugarov Rafael, Ekaterina Popchenko