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Artists: Group EliKuka


Group EliKuka – Oleg Eliseev (born in 1985) and Jenya Kukoverov (born in 1984) – announced itself among the art scene in 2007. On their first personal exhibition the artists were ironically playing with the idea of fetishization of the objects of contemporary art: in glass tanks with vegetable oil the sprats were displayed likewise Damian Hirst’s Shark; also there were artificial moustaches on black velvet in golden frames and “fat stones” on a black square Russian ethnical towel shown in the exhibition. After this the members of EliKuka made a number of personal projects in Moscow, Paris, Viena they took part in group shows in Russia and abroad. In 2011-2013 they made a series of interactive kinetic installations where the usual rules of behavior are broken: the viewer is offered to touch and move the works of art, to array the composition at his own discretion (“World Order Training Simulators”, exhibited at Regina Gallery, Moscow; “Revolt of the World Order Training Simulators”, exhibited at the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow). Continuing experimenting, developing the idea of direct mutual influence between the viewer and the piece of art the artists realized the project “Propaganda of Photography” (Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre, 2013; Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 2014): the artists’ works became a background for the ones who wanted to take a photo. The group worked in collaboration with artists: Georgy Litichevsky, Valery Chtak, art-group Gelitin (Austria) and others. Also they are members of Moscow punk band I.H.N.A.B.T.B., international musical-artistic formation ANUSRIOT and music group Jenya Kukoverov. The winner of Soratnic Prize in 2012.